Proof of attendance #onFlow.

Create events for your communities and prove that they were there.

Use cases

Discord AMA

Host an event on Discord and create an event for it. Have participants claim the FLOAT to represent their attendance.

Twitter Space

Host a Twitter Space and create an event for it. Have participants claim the FLOAT to represent their attendance.

Educational Certificate

Turn off claiming and manually distribute a FLOAT to graduates of your course, bootcamp, or any educational experience.


Have participants claim a FLOAT to enter the giveaway. Then, in Discord using the Emerald bot, use the /randomfloats command to pick a winner.


Created a paid FLOAT and request that people purchase it for a fundraiser, while also claiming a FLOAT marking that they participated in the effort.


Have users claim a FLOAT to get onto an allowlist. You can download a list of addresses who claimed your FLOAT.

Merch Voucher

Want to give out merch to people who get onto a list? Create a FLOAT and have people claim it to be able to purchase merch in the future.


Make a FLOAT Group and then add a bunch of different FLOAT events to that group, each with their own question. For each FLOAT event, make the secret code the answer to that quiz, and then use Emerald bot to validate if a user has all the FLOATs from the Group!

How It Works


  • What is a FLOAT? The name "FLOAT" comes from "Flow Attendance". FLOATs are NFTs that represent users' attendance in whatever aspect you choose, whether it be attending a Twitter Space, receiving a certificate for graduating a bootcamp, or participating in a fundraiser.
  • What is their use? The utility of a FLOAT is entirely up to its creator. Someone (let's say a community manager) can create a FLOAT for an event, have their community claim it, and then give access rights, perks, and whatever else to people who own that unique FLOAT. One way a community manager would do this is by using Emerald bot (see section below).
  • Who can make a FLOAT? Anyone, for free.
  • Can I see some examples? Check the "Use Cases" section above.
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Live Feeds

  • To see a live claiming feed, as well as information about the total number of FLOAT mints and events created, check out our live page.
  • You can also burn your FLOATs in the Incinerator and watch as tons of other FLOATs are thrown in the fire too!
live page


❌ Off chain components. POAP events are off-chain and stored in a database. It does not completely utilize the decentralized nature of the blockchain.
✅ On chain. FLOAT is an on-chain platform. In fact, there is no database or backend whatsoever.
❌ Gated. To make an event on POAP, you must first get approval by the platform.
✅ Open for all. Anybody can make a FLOAT event. You do not have to pre-register.
❌ Not integrable. Due to its off-chain nature, POAPs cannot be integrated with other 3rd party DApps in transactions.
✅ Integrable. Plug numerous FLOAT interactions into your own transactions, such as depositing a FLOAT to a user who mints your NFT.
❌ Cannot pause transferring. As an event owner, you cannot prevent users from transferring POAPs to each other. This means some users may contain POAPs for not even attending an event.
✅ Can pause transfers. You can toggle on/off transfers (and claiming) at any point in time to ensure they are not given to users who did not attend.
❌ Can take away user POAPs. POAP retains the power to take away users' POAPs. Check out this tweet by an angry user.
✅ True ownership. Due to FLOAT being entirely on chain, and the resource oriented nature of the Flow blockchain, users' FLOATs are truly owned by the user.


I was just gonna say, ahh man floats are fun, so easy and so much can be done with it! It is golddd

HumblePoom, founder of Driverz NFT

I created a Float for my Twitch viewers that served as an entry for future giveaways. It was extremely easy to set up and very user friendly for my viewers to collect the Float. For 85-90% of them - it was their first NFT! Floats are great for groups!

bigedude33, Gaming & Musical Comedy YouTube Star

I love the potential that exists with FLOATS - being able to gate exclusive access to something, and for the host to be able to find a way to reward those who attended later on! It paves a way for new possibilities on web3

rko, Flow Community Legend

Floats brought an important ability to Flow. They allow anyone to create a proof of attendance or a proof of support. Being able to verify if someone owns a specific float, allows community leaders to create gated areas in discords using the Emerald Bot! I am very grateful. ♥️

Jimbo, Flow Community Extraordinaire

FLOATs are practical, easy to use, and brings an extra layer of fun within the web3 community. Creating or claiming a FLOAT couldn’t be easier. Thanks Emerald City!

Nick, #1 Dad on Flow

FLOATs bring the ability for community groups to celebrate their collections, their fandom, their shared experience. With FLOATs, anyone can take part in the fun of web3 without worrying about barriers such as technical know-how, cost of entry, potential for bad actors, etc.

They truly represent a key part of bringing a billion people to the blockchain and I can't wait to see how they evolve and grow over time.

eldumbo, Annoying Flow NPC