A Flow-enabled proof of attendance platform.

Configure and create your own FLOAT Events.

Whether it be a , Discord call, YouTube livestream, IRL event, or anything at all, you can create a FLOAT Event so participants can remember and have proof that they were there.

Cherish your favorite memories #onFlow.

Claim FLOATs and show them off as proof that you were there.

Reward users for taking certain actions.

FLOATs can be configured to only be distributed by the creator. You can do this by selecting Not Claimable on the /create page. This means the creator can send FLOATs in their own custom transactions to reward their community. Want to give people proof that they participated in your token drop? Give them a FLOAT automatically in your transaction code when the user purchases the NFT.

Configure your events however you want.

Want to prevent users from transferring your FLOATs? Want to put a time limit or max capacity on your event? Configure your events however you want on the /create page.


No nudity or any imagery involving sexual content. You will be immediately banned from the platform.

FLOAT == "Flow Attendance"

Developed by your best friends at Emerald City logoEmerald City, the first DAO on Flow. You may have seen us develop other fun stuff like the Emerald bot iconEmerald bot . If you have, hellooooooooo again!

Our goal is to educate the Flow community, build really cool things for the Flow ecosystem (like FLOAT), and pave the way for DAOs on Flow. We'd love to have you!

Create a FLOAT Event!